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CellaRaid is revolutionising the experience of purchasing vintage fine wines. We are the first in the world to offer home & office delivery by the glass using the latest preservation technology. With this new technology, our customers have the privilege of savouring fine wines at their convenient location without having to purchase the full bottle.

Celebrating an anniversary with home dining or planning a house party or just need a mid-week drink at home but you don’t have your own wine cellar? CellaRaid offers the option, affordability and convenience of chilling out in style over vintage fine wines in the comfort of your own home.

Looking for a bottle? We offer our wines for sale by the bottle too, but do note that they are often limited in quantity as we are not typical wholesalers/suppliers. As we continue to seek out new wines that we would love to drink and share with you, we also invite you to expand your palate with us. One can only learn and understand wine by tasting more.

For further enquiries, please email us at or call us at 9 633 1091.


Oxidation is the greatest enemy of wine and robs it of freshness, turning it into vinegar. Among all the wine preservation technologies to date, Coravin has been the most effective in allowing wine access without altering the state of the bottle, thereby allowing a bottle to be drunk over an indefinite length of time.

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